Frequently Asked Questions

Does SafeWash get out tough stains without pretreating?
Generally most stains should be removed by SafeWash but extremely tough stains could still require pretreatment, we recommend using a stain remover for pretreatment when using SafeWash.


Does SafeWash work with all types of water including hard water?
SafeWash will work with all household water qualities, but the better the incoming water quality the better the results. To improve results, if desired, use a water softener for hard water and/or a prefilterfor chlorine.


Will SafeWash work with commercial washing machines?
SafeWash is designed for residential use only.


Is a plumber required to install SafeWash?
The customer is responsible for installation of their SafeWash unit. Some customers may prefer to have a plumber perform the installation although SafeWash can be installed in most homes by the home owner using standard hand tools. It should be noted there are potential problems which can arise during the installation depending on the condition of the plumbing in the home and the configuration and location of the washer. If the cold water valve is stuck or the washing machine needs to be moved back, which may requirere-leveling, a plumber may be required.


Can I connect the SafeWash unit to anything other than a washing machine?
SafeWash is designed to work with residential washing machines. Use for any purpose other than as recommended by the manufacturer may void the product warranty.


What effect does SafeWash have on elastic?
Normal operation of a SafeWash unit should have no negative impact on elastic in clothing.


Can I let my clothes soak over night?
It is not recommended that clothes are all owed to soak overnight in SafeWash water.



Everyone does laundry, but only a few know of the costs associated with traditional washing. Detergents, fabric softeners, bleaches and hot water cost the average family $500 - $600 per year. It is a hidden expense for most families, and the chemicals in your laundry can leach into your skin and wear down your clothes; not to mention the environmental impact of the waste water and disposal of consumer containers. But there is a better, smarter, safer way to do laundry, and it is based on earth-friendly science and technology. SafeWash.


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